Introducing the flying motorcycle Featured

The helicycle takes you to a new level

by 12 March 2014

Introducing the flying motorcycle – the ‘Helicycle’, it is a fully functional gyrocopter that can transform into a motorcycle, or to be more precise, a three-wheeler. You will have to be a little patient – it takes 10 minutes to become a lean, mean flying machine. With a cool designed exterior, this two-seater vehicle flies to a maximum of 230mph both in the air and on the road and has been designed specifically to fly below 4000 feet. Powered by a 230hp four-cylinder engine, this vehicle has all the semblance of a mini-helicopter, but it doesn’t fly like one. The non-powered overhead rotor spins as a result of the forward motion of the vehicle to provide lift and only needs 540 feet of runway for take-offs and 100 feet for landings. It can fly 220 miles in the air or 750 miles on the ground on a full tank (27 gallons) and is perfectly road-legal on the ground, going from 0-60mph in just under 8 seconds. The body of the Helicycle is made up of carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium and at a price of 395,000 dollars, training to fly it is also part of the deal!