Private jet customisation is taken to a whole new level

French design studio transforms private jet with special paint patterns

by 02 March 2014

It seems to be common practice by private jet owners to customise their planes according to their own taste and needs, but the customisation is normally limited to the interiors of the aircraft.

Rarely do we come across private jets that have been subject to an customised exterior paint job, with of course, the exceptions of jets customised by Brabus and Vistajet who paint luxury jets with street art.

However, French aircraft painting specialists ‘Happy Design Studio’ have transformed a bombardier global 500 private jet by painting its exterior with a subtle fading, stripped pattern, looking very appealing indeed.

The exterior custom paint job is based on a ceramic tile detail taken from the interior’s luxurious table ware set and consists of five lines of colour and a series of 150 vertical stripes which were painted over the entire body. The paint gradually merges from white to full colour at the rear of the aircraft. The engines have a similar pattern but are horizontally set.