No Sweat! No fumes! No noise!

Xkuty - the world's first electric bike with full iPhone integration

by 16 January 2014

The world's first electric bike with full iPhone integration has just been launched. As fun as riding a bike but without the pedalling, the XKUTY One 60 electric bike was created from the belief that we need to change the way we travel and create a simple alternative to urban transportation.

Thanks to a free app, the user can connect to their iPhone and set and modify parameters such as maximum speed, acceleration styles and adjust battery consumption. The phone then clips to the centre of the handlebars to act as a speedometer and monitors battery life.

Featuring hydraulic brakes at the front and back, the Xkuty can reach speeds of up to 35 kilometres-per-hour. And seats and handlebars come in a range of bright colours, with helmet trims to match.

The Xkuty App can even keep an eye on your bike when you’re not around. Using the iPhone gyroscope, if it detects your Xkuty has fallen over, it automatically calls an emergency contact to alert you.

The Xkuty One 60 electric bike is able to travel a distance of up to 60kilometres on one charge.

With sleek, clean lines, its light frame and silent electric motor, Xkuty is noise and fumes free and you don’t work up a sweat!