Vertu presents the Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre Featured

The new prestige mobile phone offers a more beautiful mode of communication

by 06 December 2011

The first luxury mobile telephone has always been much more than just a phone. In line with its mission of making communication as beautiful as possible, Vertu’s smartphone made it directly into the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. For that is where the very first Vertu presentation took place in 2002. The successful launch followed four years of research and development, design and craftsmanship.

Those who like luxury cars, quality watches, fine fountain pens and other premium products, will appreciate a luxury telephone as well. Based on this logical conclusion, Vertu’s engineers were given the opportunity to combine traditional luxury materials with high performance substances normally used in aerospace technology, without making any compromises. Attention was paid to even the smallest details, such as the perfect clicking sound of the keys, featured right from the start, with the first Vertu phone.

Since then, various exclusive models have been designed to inspire their customers. To make life more pleasant, and for a more beautiful method of communicating.

The carbon fibre revolution
With its latest edition, the Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre, Vertu demonstrates its innovative spirit yet again. “Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre is Vertu’s first product to combine its smartphone technology with this most contemporary of design materials“, said Perry Oosting, Vertu President. “The result is a product that gives those customers who prefer the sporting aesthetic the opportunity to have a qwerty device incorporating the latest business tools.”

The matte black body with detailing in polished stainless steel or polished 18-carat gold is striking at first glance. Surrounding the ear pillow, the stainless steel or gold detailing features a new step-design unique to this phone, lending a more geometric styling to the Constellation Quest Carbon Fibre. The navigation key and other tools are finished in polished black PVD – one of the essential design features of the Constellation range.

The ear pillow and battery cover have been crafted from light “2X2/1K” carbon fibre, using a two strand over two strand construction, with each strand comprised of 1000 fibres. But you don’t have to know all these details in order to be enthralled by the latest edition. Just take a look at it, touch it, and enjoy the Vertu lifestyle services. That’s all it takes.

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