Vertu Constellation Quest Featured

Award-winning sound, and bags of other features

by 25 May 2011

Perhaps the smallest masterpieces in the world worthy of winning an Oscar: designer mobile phones by Vertu are renowned for their exceptional quality far beyond standard. But what exactly happens when one of their smartphones receives an incoming call? It rings, of course. But the creative heads of Vertu weren’t satisfied with just that. So the ingenious idea was born to bring the best possible sound artist on board – an Academy Award winner.

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All the ringtones and sounds of the Signature model are taken from the piece of music exclusively composed for Vertu by Academy Award winner Dario Marianelli, and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

This serves to demonstrates just one aspect of Vertu’s unique philosophy, a company that started to create luxury mobile telephones without compromising on materials and design in 1998, and has continued to do so ever since. True devotion and meticulous attention are spent on the smallest details – for example, the perfect clicking sound of the keys. For ultimate results in manufacturing, experts from different fields work closely hand in hand: from aerospace, automotive, jewellery, watch making and other high-tech industries. Drawing on this vast pool of resources, Vertu reaches groundbreaking achievements, accounting for the company’s uniqueness and relentless quest for perfection.

New & smart: The Constellation Quest
Vertu’s first smartphone was created to meet the demanding lifestyle of its customers. This unique Qwerty phone marries luxury service with the latest business tools. Vertu President Perry Oosting explains: “Vertu has applied its values of an authentic, tailored, luxury experience to our first smartphone, creating a handset that is as functional as it is beautiful”. Every Constellation Quest is crafted by its own Vertu specialist, bearing his personal signature. Extremely durable materials are used to guarantee longevity and high performance, such as sapphire crystal for the screen or ceramic for the matching coloured ear pillow.

The Constellation Quest meets highest demands and standards not just in terms of design, material and customer service, but also plays in the top league in terms of technology: with multiband GSM, 3G and HSPA. And again, Vertu has commissioned a special ringtone for the Constellation Quest: the piece was composed by Ivor Novello Award nominee Benjamin Wallfisch, and with each ring you will hear the London Symphony Orchestra playing for you.