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The new Vertu smartphone gives its owner a personal concierge

by 03 December 2010

If you thought that Vertu was all style and no substance then think again. The luxury cellphone manufacturer have launched a model that’s smart enough to rival their competitors.

Vertu launched their first smart phone in October 2010. Their first QWERTY device combines unparalleled luxury services and the latest business tools with their signature handmade design and desirability. While these new device-specific elements are essential to competing in a market filled with iphones and Blackberrys, what many of its competitors cannot boast is a luxury concierge service dedicated to the needs of each individual user, via a direct concierge key. While long-term customers of the brand, of which there are many, including celebrities Kevin Spacey and Jude Law, are already locked into this service, there have been some interesting developments that will ensure that Vertu Concierge becomes an essential part of your everyday life.

The Constellation Quest has been intelligently designed with the user experience as a priority, so aside from the larger screen, email notifications, calendar appointments and news feeds there is Vertu Remote Assist. This original function allows the consensual access of your phone remotely by a Vertu technician to solve any technical or set up issues. is also new to the brand, synchronizing your personal data and providing free and virtual protected back up.

The unique benefit however, of buying a luxury Vertu phone is undoubtedly their concierge service. “When a customer buys a phone and registers for the services, this triggers a call from Vertu Concierge,” explains Mark Izatt, Head of Experiences and Enrichment. “The call will be to your specified location in whichever language you need, Arabic, Hindi, English or Cantonese. We book a fitting call with you, which is an informal conversation about your likes and dislikes, so we are fully briefed to best respond to your future requests. Our concierges get to know each of our customers individually, on a more personal level.”

Part of the service package enjoyed by their customers is Vertu City Brief. Initially launched in 2009, this is a constantly evolving travel guide that customizes its recommendations across 140 cities worldwide. Dedicated to satisfying customers' ever-changing needs, it has expanded this year to include digests in Arabic and Cantonese. It is complemented by Vertu Select, the carefully edited bank of original information and opportunities designed to inspire and entertain the Vertu consumer. “We have a regional manager in Dubai,” Izatt explains. “It’s their job to ensure that all the articles and recommendations in Vertu Select are relevant, authoritative and distinctive. All our journalists are employed directly by us, so their advice and research is completely independent. In markets like the Middle East, it’s proving to be a popular approach.”

Practically, its aim is to add value to the luxury consumer’s daily life. If you are an English speaker, living in Abu Dhabi but traveling to Germany, Vertu can both proactively and reactively serve up relevant information on everything from the financial markets to the best places for an early breakfast, and it can even secure tickets to the hottest entertainment in the city. At home, the Vertu concierge can find a venue for your child’s birthday party or book a romantic mini-break in the latest hip hotel, it’s as easy or diverse as you choose it to be. “We want to build a long-term relationship with our customers. We are constantly innovating and producing different or improved models to meet the demands of the Middle Eastern customer, all the while returning to the Concierge because that’s the dynamic service that really responds to the customer’s needs.”

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