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Vertu presents the most advanced mobile phone technology in the world

by 11 October 2010

Right from the start, Vertu has combined rare and innovative materials with traditional craftsmanship. Each of the phones from the three different collections, Signature, Ascent and Constellation, is carefully handcrafted at the company’s Hampshire plant in England, where the brand’s designers and engineers develop pioneering ideas and create a truly unique collection of luxury mobile phones. Each phone is accompanied by a first-class luxury lifestyle service, making the device the ultimate in luxury personal communication by providing constant online access to luxury resources. A single push of the designated key on the handset allows the owner to utilize the Vertu Concierge Service, which provides personalized support and advice on all sorts of topics, such as travel bookings, entertainment, shopping, hotels, restaurants or events, worldwide and around the clock. Vertu Select and City Brief are further examples of the first-class global service offered by Vertu.

Earlier this year Vertu introduced the new Ascent as the latest addition to its extensive product range, the perfect expression of the brand’s passion for elegance and technology. With its structural, linear design and aerospace-grade aluminium casing, the new Ascent has an instant appeal for lovers of Formula 1, motor racing, aviation and inspiring journeys. Equipped with quad-band 3G and GSM network coverage, and Assisted GPS technology with pre-loaded worldwide maps covering more than 190 countries to ensure you never get lost, the Ascent also features a chronograph that shows the time in the country of origin as well as the local time. Every Ascent phone is equipped with the latest technology available, in order to meet the communication demands of clients in search of luxury.

Vertu customers are particularly sensitive to style as well as luxury. Prospective owners of these remarkable phones have the opportunity of learning more about the brand during in-store product launches or special events. Vertu’s first German flagship store on Maximilianstrasse 28 in Munich presents its exclusive luxury mobile phones in a beautiful 150-square-metre space. You can also see the complete product range at the Frankfurt Vertu Boutique, as well as at selected jewellers and concept stores throughout the country. Get a new Ascent this year.

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