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Hand-assembled, state-of-the-art technology

by 23 April 2010

Vertu leads the world in the luxury mobile phone sector, and the new model "Ascent" seems set to confirm their position in the field. It was designed with a view to power, speed and high technology, with an extreme design aesthetic approach expressing the concept of "high speed living."
Vertu often works with high-tech materials, and in Ascent, it has used aerospace-grade aluminium in one version, and titanium in the second, premium version. Both models guarantee exceptional performance.

The aluminium used for Ascent is treated by the "precipitation hardening" process that modifies the metal's microstructure, doubling the hardness of the alloy. The aluminium components are then anodized, which further modifies the surface, creating a layer that is five times as hard as the raw material. Likewise, the titanium used for Ascent is treated by means of a nine-stage forging process, in which the metal is heated to 860° C before being moulded at a pressure of 630 tonnes. The exceptional hardness of the metals used in this mobile phone is highlighted by the design, which also includes edge trim in vulcanized rubber or in leather.
In terms of technology, the new Ascent provides four-band 3G and GSM coverage for optimum connection. The phone has Enhanced GPS technology and pre-loaded world maps, including over 190 countries and a 32 GB internal memory, with ample space for saving files, photographs and movies.

The design features an interesting feature, in which the screen reflects a chronograph design pattern, with implicit reference to the fields of motor racing and military aviation. Ascent actually has a button that activates the chronograph, with split time recording. The features that have been borrowed from the high-tech watch field include a local time function, in which the phone utilizes wireless networks to detect local time. At the same time, the chronograph maintains the memory of the time in its country of origin, preserving a link to the user's home location.
The new Ascent has a high-quality 5-megapixel camera with sapphire crystal lens protection and a high-clarity autofocus mechanism, as well as a high-intensity LED flash producing 22 lux. The phone has a specially-commissioned audio theme created by Unkle, British group led by James Lavelle and Pablo Clements. The audio track is named "A Darker Shade of Blue" and it runs for seven minutes. All the phone's audio signals and ring tones are excerpts from this exclusive track.

The phone's principal characteristics are those for which the Vertu brand has become familiar, principally the fact that it selects and presents the best of on-line luxury information. This content is automatically optimized for the user's location at any given moment, so that he or she is automatically updated on local and global resources. In addition, the Vertu fortress function provides a back-up service, recording all information in the calendar and contacts stored in the phone. This data is archived on ultra-safe servers located in a secure ex-military bunker.
The Titanium Ascent model has a 32 GB memory, while the Aluminium model has an 8 GB memory. Both incorporate the Vertu brand's hallmark features, and principally the fact that each telephone is assembled by hand at the company's premises in the UK.

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