Vertu Ascent Ti mobile phone Featured

A titanic feat of precision, balance and durability.

by 15 October 2009

Vertu Ascent is a collection inspired by the power, energy, and precision of a beautiful automobile. Its newest addition is no exception. Designed like super cars, Vertu Ascent Ti’s case is made of solid titanium. Sapphire crystal render the screen, camera lens and flash resistant to scratch and breakage. That’s not all. Every key on the keypad is individually lit from underneath for perfect visibility no matter where you are.

The most important feature is that your data is backed up in an ex-military underground bunker in the U.K. A single click is all you need to do to retrieve all your information. What more can you ask for?

Where to find Vertu in Dubai:
Burjuman Centre, Tel. +971 (0)4 355 1105
Wafi City 2, Tel. +971 (0)4 327 9080
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tel. +971 (0)4 324 2110
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