Quadrofoil for eco-sustainable enjoyment on the waves


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29 May 2012

It's a cross between a jetski, a hydrofoil, and a whale. It's as cool as a jetski, but without all that noise and fuel. It lifts out of the water like a hydrofoil, reducing water resistance and getting it up to 40 km/h speed. The curving airfoils look rather like whale fins, and they are designed to give the craft a sporty handling performance, like a sports car for the water. It has rechargeable lithium batteries that give it a range of about 100 km, plus detachable solar panels to recharge. It is powered by a small 3.7 kW electric motor.

The Quadrofoil is made in Slovenia, and it was presented at the Internautica exhibition in that country last week. Only 100 units will be completed by the end of 2012. Price is about €15,000.

Follow this link for further info.

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