Mobile phone crafted like a Swiss watch


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29 March 2012

The Æ+Y is an interesting concept. A phone that really looks like a piece of precision engineering, and not a plastic box with virtual keys and colourful icons. Keys are uniquely aligned with the edges, by means of a special hinge mechanism and countless tiny screws of the type normally used in mechanical watch movements. The physical experience of pressing a key like this is remarkably satisfying, something that in itself took a lot of design and testing.

Just as a Swiss watch is about time and time alone, the Æ+Y is about phone calls, with extra functions comprising speed dial, call screening, forwarding and waiting, conference call, and a few other applications such as World Clock, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator and Converter. The sounds emitted by the Æ+Y were created by bass musician Chris Minh Doky, who said, "When I first held the phone in my hands, I felt an obvious organic craftsmanship that instantly made me think of real, handcrafted instruments – of concert grand pianos, acoustic guitars, orchestras, flutes and percussion. The elegance of the electronics brought to mind a famous British secret agent, well equipped with the best of the latest."

Like a Swiss watch, it is to a large degree hand-crafted. The gold version is in 18-carat solid yellow gold, used for the keypad, rear plate and knurled side plate. There is another version in stainless steel. The gold one costs about €42,000, the stainless steel model €7,250. It's entirely European-made. Aesir is a company based in Copenhagen. You can purchase the phone online.

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