Loro Piana and their on-line experience



01 March 2012

The new Loro Piana website was structured considering the profile of the brand's clients. This interactive platform, entirely developed in-house over the past two years with special company-owned technology, is aimed to inform, entertain and offer a top class online shopping experience. The free application for Ipad, Iphone and Ipod Touch will soon to be released.

The main idea behind the project was to provide a client with the 'next best sensation' without actually touching the product. Once connected to the website, you are virtually transported to Tuscany to spend a week end in a sumptuous villa, or on a sailing yacht off Portofino, or Villa d'Este. This virtual journey is a graphic representation of lifestyle moments in which Loro Piana products and services find their natural environment. Clicking on the products for each occasion leads to films that show the story of the exclusive raw materials used, from Baby cashmere to Vicuna.

The e-commerce section enables consumers to access a variety of information on each single product, and the advanced technology makes up for the tactile experience and the narrative skills of a passionate salesperson.

For more information please find Loro Piana official website below.