Vertu presents the Constellation Quest Ferrari


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27 January 2012

“We are delighted to once again partner with Ferrari – an iconic brand that shares our passion for design, craftsmanship and performance. With the Constellation Quest Ferrari we have created a handset that embodies these values perfectly. For the first time we are now offering a range of specially created Ferrari content and services which gives our customers an intriguing insight into the world of Ferrari,” expressed Vertu President, Perry Oosting.

Designers from both Vertu and Ferrari have worked tirelessly to produce a sophisticated design for this new model. Flavio Manzoni, Design Director at Ferrari, commented, “The Constellation Quest Ferrari is a perfect example of combining two different worlds: automotive and luxury communications. The original inspiration for the handset – the Ferrari 458 Italia – has evolved into something innovative and unique, whilst preserving Ferrari’s heritage and DNA. This is a deep study on materials and finish combined with functionality and performance.”

The Constellation Quest Ferrari draws inspiration from the Ferrari 458 Italia, a model immediately recognizable from its sleek silhouette. The handset features the legendary Cavallino Rampante in stainless steel attached to the battery cover. On the front the keyboard's letters are featured in Ferrari Red and you will find a Ferrari logo embossed in leather.

The joint effort of these two exclusive labels has resulted in a highly innovative model. The phone features a new coating made of Diamond-like Carbon (DLC), which is commonly used in engine parts for Ferrari models. The leather used for the handset is the same handcrafted Italian calf used by Ferrari for the interiors of their vehicles. New ringtones have been added including one which is a live recording of a Ferrari 458 Italia on a test circuit.

This model also features Vertu's signature services, including their unique Vertu Concierge. The Cavallino can be pressed to enter a behind-the-scenes world of Ferrari which at the moment is available to a limited group of individuals.