Ferrari and Acer team up for a red smartphone


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01 July 2011

On their websites, computer manufacturer Acer and luxury car manufacturer Ferrari have announced it as the most exclusive smartphone in the world, ideal for people looking for high technology, high performance, and exclusive characteristics. This co-branding arrangement, which has come as a surprise to no few hi-tech bloggers, has produced a phone in Ferrari red with the familiar logo on the front, and the name "Liquid E Ferrari Edition." Certain design features recall the marque's Formula 1 cars, such as the carbon fibre details on the Ferrari logo, the microphone similar to air intakes. It has a high-resolution 3.5" screen, a 5MP camera with autofocus and geo-tagging, an 8GB micro-SD, a bluetooth earpiece, and a case, also in Ferrari red. Its software is Android Eclair, which, says Acer, guarantees a high level of interactivity and movement. The operating system can be updated to Android 2.2 FroYo. The phone is sold in a package that includes a valve from a Ferrari engine. On sale from the Ferrari store at €682.50.

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