White Wines To Try This Summer Featured

A white wine menu for a summer’s day. 

by Huw Prichard 04 May 2019

When days become longer, brighter and warmer, people tend to switch their state of mind into an overall happy and relaxed mood. It is incredible to think how much of an influence sunrays have on us. This becomes particularly true when we hold a cold glass of white wine, while waiting for the summer to arrive. As you do so, take notes of these exquisite white wines and food pairings.


Graham Beck, Méthode Cap Classique Brut Zero, 2012

Grahman Beck

Enjoy with:

A langoustine tartare served on a blinis and delicately seasoned with mandarin zest and bottarga

Why we love it:

Peach yellow to fine golden hue, voluptuous berries with hints of almonds and ever so refreshing

Tasting Notes:

A portion of this South African sparkling wine’s base wine is aged in small oak barrels, then matured for five years in the bottle and with no additional dosage before it is released to the public. The result is a sparkling wine with fruit and spice, sleek with a creamy finish that surprises with a very slight and appealing saltiness. 

As an alternative, as a perfect icebreaker to be served with our langoustine or unaccompanied on a terrace, veranda or freshly mown lawn

Domaines Ott, Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain Rosé 2017

Domaine Ott Rose

Why we love it:

Can there be such a thing as a grand Rosé wine? We think so and this would be our evidence

Tasting Notes:

A Provence rose in a class of its own, a complex fragrance that presents a multitude of fresh fruits and minerality, the taste is spicy and enduring.


Domaine Didier Dagueneau Silex 2014, Pouilly Fumé

Enjoy with:

A mousse of new season English asparagus (green), garnished with beetroot chips and creamed Pant-Ys-Gawn goat’s cheese

Why we love it: 

A true homage to Didier Dagueneau from his son Louis-Benjamin and yet an evolution that shows the winemaker making his own path.

Tasting Notes: 

As the name indicates this is a wine predicated by the flinty soil from which the grapes, carefully selected from old vines, are harvested. Incredibly complex with an array of floral, herby and citrus notes, the minerality, with hints of iodine, is not over Related article:dominant and the long finish maintains the complexity as it continues to excite the tongue. Age-worthy, but ready to drink, a delight

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As an alternative we might choose 

Cloudy Bay Te Koko Sauvignon Blanc 2015 – Exotic Power

Cloudy Bay Te Koko

The big brother to New Zealands classic Sauvignon Blanc, from the legendary Marlborough region. Hidden behind a tantalising mask of exotic citrus aromas and passion fruit, in the glass the wine develops beautiful aromas of beeswax, vanilla and toastiness without ever overpowering its fruitiness. Simply wonderful. Zalto White Wine or Burgundy Glass, www.cloudybay.co.nz

Main Course (Fish)

Weingut Schäfer-Fröhlich, Riesling Felseneck GG 2013


Enjoy with:


Line caught sea bass fillet cooked en papillote with Thai spices and served on a bed of coriander infused rice noodles


Why we love it:

A very special harmony of fruitiness, particularly lemon, apple and quince, and extreme minerality.

Tasting Notes:

Since 1996, Tim Fröhlich’s signature grapes, from the 16-hectare Schäfer-Fröhlich estate, ripen on blue-slate soil, with elements of quartzite and basalt. The 2013 Riesling Felseneck is characterized by its spontaneity, presenting notes of fresh citrus and orchard fruits, hints of lemon balm and an intense minerality. In the glass, once allowed to breathe (minimum two hours), the breadth and entirety of the aroma is revealed

Main Course (Meat)

Kellerei St. Michael-Eppan, Appius 2010

St Michael Eppan Appius

Enjoy with:

A roast, rolled saddle of farmed rabbit filled with a stuffing made from the offal and seasoned with rosemary and myrtle. Roast baby root vegetables and a white wine reduction to accompany

Why we love it:

A labour of love from the winemaker that delights us as much as his creation must have delighted him

Tasting Notes:

With the Appius cuvee, chief oenologist Hans Terzer has created his dream wine. The first Edition 2010 is the perfect result of fully ripened grapes from low yielding 25 to 35 year old vines. A perfect blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon delights with its brilliant finesse and straw yellow tone, coupled with complex ripe fruit and creamy minerality. Here the fruit is definitely the focus and not the wood.

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Georg Breuer, Berg Schlossberg Auslese Goldkapsel, 2007

Berg Schlossberg

Enjoy with:


A simple tarte aux fraises


Why we love it:

The fine counterpoint of fruit and acidity, an iron fist in a velvet glove

Tasting Notes:

The Schlossberg is considered to be one of the Rheingau’s top locations, producing solid, mineral-dominated large growths, but in some years also noble sweet wines like this Auslese Goldkapsel from Georg Breuer. A wonderfully broad nose that captures a wide range of aromas from peach to bergamot with herbal and mineral notes. The fruit is well evidenced on the palate, with the sweetness tempered by an appealing acidity and wonderfully enduring length.


Barbeito Malvasia 20 year old, lot 14050

Malvasia Barbeito

Why we love it:

It’s sweetness and warmth make it a luxurious digestif and an appealing alternative to more potent spirits

Tasting notes:

A fortified wine made from the Malvasia grape using the Canteiro method and under the Madeira DOC – this vintage reveals itself as the sweetest and richest expression of these wines. A fine golden colour with hints of green, on the nose a toffee rich blend of nuts and spice ending with a lovely smokiness. Fine acidity and a long, fresh finish.

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