Entrees from Daluma in Berlin, Germany. Entrees from Daluma in Berlin, Germany. Daluma

The Best of Vegan Dining in Germany

Take your taste buds on a plant-based journey through Germany with these vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

by 29 June 2018

Despite the carnivorous nature of Bavarian cuisine, with staples like Weißwurst, Bratwurst and Schweinebraten, there is a growing number of German vegetarians and vegans.

Kopps - Berlin

This fine dining vegan restaurant, finds its home in Berlin, the city that was named the ‘Vegetarian Capital of the World’ during the Good Taste Awards in 2015. The restaurant will ‘make vegetables sexy for you’, using only fresh ingredients in a broad selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free cuisine. Savour five courses from the dinner menu, or enjoy a more casual dining experience during ‘Come Together’ Monday through Thursday evenings and brunch on weekends.

kopps 1

Daluma - Berlin

Take a quick break for a light and wholesome bite from Daluma, a health-food cafe on Weinbergsweg, near the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Daluma’s menu is packed with superfoods, taking form in juices, green smoothies, acai bowls and healthy vegan breakfast and lunch options. Fuel your day in the city with ‘Run, Forest, Run’, the cafe’s popular cold pressed juice that combines greens, fruits and mint.

daluma 1

Max Pett - Munich

Vegetarianism and Veganism don’t inhibit the hungry traveller from experiencing traditional Bavarian cuisine at Max Pett. Max Pett, a vegan restaurant in Munich, offers veganised dishes such as Spargel, ‘cheese’ and vegan Schnitzel. In addition to food, the eatery serves a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including Woods, a drink with freshly squeezed red prayer carrot juice and essential oils.


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Cafe Metropol - Frankfurt

Cafe Metropol, which calls itself ‘the only hippie oasis in the banking city of Frankfurt’, offers a generous selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. With a bright dining room and a welcoming garden, Cafe Metropol sticks to its roots: the staff still handwrites the menus and stirs the cakes by hand. Stop by the cafe anytime 9:00 a.m. through 1:00 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday, or enjoy brunch until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Cafe Metropol 1

Tassajara - Hamburg

The Chef de Cuisine at Tassajara, a Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant in Hamburg, combines Ayurvedic and Mediterranean influences, using seasonal ingredients to create international cuisine. From curry, to enchiladas, to pasta, to ice cream, Tassajara can satisfy every vegetarian or vegan’s cravings.

tassajara 1

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