5 Most Underrated Food Cities Featured

When we travel we base our itineraries around certain aspects, that could be for historical sights, endless shopping districts or for it’s people. At LUXOS an important factor for us is to dine well while we travel and uncover a 360° experience. Destined for the well fed paths, here’s our insider’s guide for the culinary traveller.

by 21 December 2017


San Sebastian
Considered as Europe’s food capital, the city has the highest concentration of Michelin stars per square mile in the whole continent. As more travellers started to descend onto this Western part of Spain, food lovers soon began to realise why this was causing a stir. With flavoursome traditional tapas and sharing plates at every street corner of the old town, the city’s chefs are innovative with their culinary skills too. Some restaurants serve up dishes that reflect an art, accompanied by sparkling wine to touch on all the senses.

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Sicily, home to street food in Europe. Palermo’s booming international culture has put the southern Mediterranean city on the map. Begin your food tour at the Capo Market, selling fresh fruit and veg, meat and fish, this market will take you back to Sicily’s Arab days. Next, stop off at one of the city’s most famous markets; La Vucciria. Operating for over 700 years the market sells fresh fish to small food gift ideas. Before leaving the market, join in as a local and sit and enjoy a bite to eat over a glass of wine - know is Sicilian as ‘schiticchio’, this tradition is a must. Lastly finish up your food tour with a sweet treat of cannoli and cassata.

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This vibrant Georgian capital has a plethora of great restaurants to dine at, as an up and coming Euro-Asian city, it has an entire menu of instagrammable dishes. Walk the streets of Tbilisi and you’ll smell a scent of freshly baked breads, roasted meats and sweet fruits. Not only is the city home to an abundance of flavoursome dishes, it also has the oldest wine regions in the world. What better way to dine that with ample supply of the finest wines?

Bread for sale at Granville Island Markets

Cape Town
Having been voted as the food capital of the world, travellers and inhabitants of Cape Town are spoilt for choice on places to indulge. Whether fancy tapas, competitive sushi festivals or sweet coffee and chocolate is on your food menu, Cape Town’s cutting edge cuisine puts South Africa at the pinnacle of a food lover’s bucket list.

Port of Cape Town

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Hosting some of the world’s best red wines, Bordeaux’s gastronomic scene is quite something for the fine diner. Home to three Michelin-starred restaurants, Bordeaux’s chefs know how to draw on tradition and innovation creating a diverse platter of dishes. However, not all dining establishments in Bordeaux has to consist of frills and large bills, Le Petit Commerce cooks up exquisite cuisine in a less formal setting.

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