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The World's Finest Drinking Establishments Featured

From Speakeasies to quiet establishments, is there anything more pleasant during the winter time than cosying up with a beverage to warm your cockles? Allow LUXOS to take you around the world, one cocktail at a time, to our favourite drinking spots.

by 04 December 2017

Attaboy, New York

This bustling speakeasy hosts a menu of ambitious drinks for the cocktail enthusiast. Capturing America’s prohibition in it’s highest form, this industrial-style bar is most loved for its mysterious entrance - give the door a knock, a doorman will appear, give you a glance and let you in. Full of experienced mixologists be prepared to be greeted with; ‘what are you in the mood for tonight?’.


Little Red Door, Paris
With a menu created around local artists in the city of Paris, Little Red Door is an opportunity to swim in a pool of creativity. Boasting a friendly environment accompanied by a cosy atmosphere, this local is a speciality that serves a drinking experience in it’s truest nature. Not only that, it’s renowned to have the comfiest bar stools in the whole of the city!

little red door2

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The Gibson, London
Located on London’s Old Street in an Edwardian listed building, The Gibson is a testament to the traditional drink created in the early 1900’s, and today it’s filled with quirky components and ingredients, such as vinegar. With a baroque-esque style, unusual serving glasses, and inventive garnish, the Gibson pays homage to the art of bartending.


Jerry Thomas, Rome
With a name taken from the Godfather of cocktails, this bar captivates America’s drinking scene during the 1920’s in its true essence. Featuring a smoky, back-alley interior and an ever-changing access password, you’ll be greeted with vintage furniture and bartenders in braces and brogues. Jerry Thomas will feel like you’ve stepped into yesteryear for the night.

 Jerry Thomas

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Tausend, Berlin 

Berlin, notorious for its alternative casual style this well to do bar is a small love affair for the well-heeled. Tucked away under a train express you enter this bar through an iron door but only via a strict entrance policy. Featuring an unusual steel ceiling and 3D installations, their interior is just as engaging as their wasabi cocktails.


Q&A Bar, Bangkok

With a rising drinking scene, Q&A bar is the go-to for great cocktails in the city. It's unique train-carriage like interior and friendly bar staff take you on a journey with their extensive beverage menu of bitters and liquors. Much like the world's still existing speakeasy bars, this one comes with a set of rules - bring your etiquette with you and sitting at the bar means only alcoholic drinks are permitted. 


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