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Sample the freshest specialty foods these European cities have to offer with this list of Food Market recommendations by LUXOS.

by 19 August 2017

We all know food markets are the best places to try new things, sample flavours of things you can't pronounce and drink unheard of beer brands. If you are an extreme foodie who can sometimes appreciate quality over a properly upholstered seat, then this list is for you. Dive into the unknown with the best of these international food markets from all across Europe hand selected by LUXOS. 

 Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo, Florence 


Make sure to visit this world famous food market with an empty stomach. Deciding where to eat is just as difficult as saying no to the fresh prosciutto being offered to you by the earnest Italian butcher.  This bustling market has a huge selection of fresh italian pastas, spices and sauces to take home- but don't immediately dismiss the non-Italian options this market has to offer. Sushi and dumplings are now served here, too. Don't forget to try some Chianti Classico from the local Tuscan region and be blown away by the flavours of Florence. 

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Cours Saleya, Nice


You'd be crazy not to pick up a fresh bouquet of lavender from this colourful market. Equal parts flower and food market, this French hub is definitely one of the most fragrant markets in Europe. The pastel atmosphere and candy striped booths all attribute to this idyllic food market experience. Be sure to pick up some artisinal olive tapanade and aged cheese. 

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 Torvehallerne KBH


This huge hall of food contains just about every kind of food under the sun. Try flaky savoury pies, fresh oysters and expertly crafted smørrebrød at this busy market. With something for everyone, they have booths specializing in paleo foods, asian cuisine and even booths who serve sustainably produced food. Get lost in the halls and sip the freshest brewed cup of coffee you've ever had at Torvehallerne KBH. 

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Borough Market, London 


Diverse flavours are key at this mecca of food. With more than 100 vendors that sell fish, meats, cheeses, breads and sweets- you can't miss this internationally renowned spot. A food lover's heaven, make sure to sample the fresh donuts from Bread Ahead and the small plates of pasta from Padella. You will be sure to leave this overwhelmingly tasty market satisfied. 

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La Bouqueria

bcn lb market

Known as one of the most famous and busy food halls in the world, La Bouqueria's lively atmosphere is almost as good as the delicious food offered. A common place for tourists to flock to, with reason due to its wide range of foods offered and the passionate people that prepare them.  Located in the heart of Las Ramblas, you can stop here for lunch or a quick bite in the middle of a busy shopping day. 

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