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Ice cream and chocolates and brioche, oh my!

by 08 July 2017

Right in the heart of Vienna you will find organic ice cream, chocolate rich in flavour and history, and artisinal bread like no other. Discover the best desserts in Vienna with LUXOS.


Eis Greissler


Organic milk is at the heart of this ice creamery, so you know you are in for a treat that is natural and delicious. Eis Greissler has remained deeply rooted in family and honesty since its founding, resulting in a cozy atmosphere and a sense of reassurance that you know every ingredient in each scoop. Their ice cream is said to be creamy without tasting too sweet and is the perfect after-dinner treat. On top of traditional flavours such as vanilla, strawberry, and hazelnut, you will also find apricot, pumpkin seed oil, and caramel pretzel if you are looking to be more adventurous.

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Chocolate lovers and anyone and everyone with a sweet tooth: welcome to paradise. From the moment you walk into this boutique, you will be overwhelmed with the sweet smell of cocoa powder and sugar. Not only will you be able to savor the mouthwatering chocolates Xocolat is known for, but you can also take part in the creation process itself. Reserve a spot in a workshop to learn about the techniques used in making Xocolat’s famous truffles and desserts. With a selection of over four hundred table chocolates, you will be sure to find gifts for family and friends as well as a treat for yourself, to save for later.

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Joseph Brot


At Joseph Brot you will find artisan bread so crunchy and fresh, you’ll make a point of stopping at all three patisseries scattered around Vienna. Croissants, toast with delectable jellies, and delicate pastries are only a few of the options offered in this baker’s heaven. This bakery is a hot spot for brunch, a light midday meal, or even chatting with a friend over coffee. The modern, minimalist atmosphere is perfect for catching up and indulging in some freshly baked cookies or crumb cakes.

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