Best Gin Bars in Europe Featured

Savour Gin and Tonic at some of Europe's finest G&T bars.

by 05 July 2017

Dry Martini, Barcelona

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The Dry Martini is a dark, classy bar that seems like a setting straight out of a James Bond film. Opened in 1978, the Dry Martini has classic drinks as well as more extravagant flavours. Try a dry martini, a citrusy combination known as Wild Wild Breakfast, or whatever strikes your fancy--everything is delicious. Savour the flavours of your drink in an atmosphere that is classically modern.

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The London Gin Club, London

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High-ceilinged and tastefully decorated, the London Gin Club is the perfect destination for any gin connoisseur. Order a classic drink like Negroni, try one of the Gin Club's "ginfusions" (gin mixed with various flavourings), or, if you find it difficult to make up your mind, sample different types of Gins from the tasting menu. There is never an empty seat in this hip SoHo club, so be prepared to mix with the London locals and fall in love with the lively atmosphere.

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G&T Bar, Berlin

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Although Germany is known for its beer, Berlin's G&T bar is a must-visit in the city. With Gins from all over the world, the G&T bar has something for every visitor and serves excellent Gin with a variety of tonic waters. LUXOS recommends one of the bar's unique cocktails made from a fusion of jin and tea, but if you are a classic Gin and Tonic fan, then you will not be disappointed. Small and easily missed, this bar is one of Berlin's hidden treasures.

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RAZMATAZ, Amsterdam

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Enjoy a range of drinks in RAZMATAZ, a bar that has the feel of a living room, but a selection of Gins from around the world. Enjoy Razmataz with a group of friends, a significant other, or by yourself. Either way, this is one stop you do not want to miss.

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Tiger, Paris

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Situated in the merry Parisian district of Saint-Germain-Des-Pres, Tiger is one of Paris' finest bars. With barkeepers from all over the world and an extensive list of Gins, including a few local specialities, every drink from the fruity to the austere is deliciously exquisite. Enjoy an evening sipping some of the best Gin in Europe, savouring the elegant atmosphere, laughing with the pleasant barkeepers and spending time with both local and international visitors.

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