Highlights of Haute Cuisine in Hamburg

We serve up our guide to the best places to tickle your tastebuds in Germany's second largest city, Hamburg.

by 08 December 2016


 DSC5098newly, unveiled Vlet venue

“Von Harten willkamen” to Hamburg’s Vlet (Old High German for fleet), a small paradise for gourmets in the Speicherstadt, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Executive chef Knut Wunderlich reinterprets traditional foods from Northern Germany, for example ‘Labskaus 2.0’ or ‘Pannfisch’ (fried fish). The 33-year-old chef de cuisine privileges regional products. His motto is ‘Delicious, fresh and simple.’ A new Vlet venue was unveiled close to Alterarkaden at the beginning of July 2016, presenting simple and down-to-earth cooking. 

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Stock’s Fischrestaurant

stocks4 sonnigStock's bright and cosy interior dining

For twenty years, this bright star has been shining in Hamburg’s culinary sky. In 2001, Stock’s Fischrestaurant, managed by Heiko Stock, at that time the youngest chef de cuisine with a Michelin star, moved into the old half-timbered house in Poppenbüttel. Four years ago, Stock, disciple of celebrity chef Eckart Witzigmann and a big skiing fan, created a cosy room in the attics, the Kaminstube.

LUXOS Recommends: Since 2014, it is the smallest gourmet food manufacturer in Germany, making curd cheese, dressings and soups.

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Anna Sgroi

9798Anna Sgroi's charming outdoor dining

Since 2013 the ‘Queen of Cuisine’ has been residing in an affectionately restored 1897 half-timbered house in Hamburg’s noble district Rotherbaum. During its opening year the native-born Sicilian Anna Sgroi – a former cooking coach for famous chef and cookbook author Cornelia Poletto – earned a Michelin star, which she still holds today. One must-try: Ravioli di coniglio.

LUXOS Recommends: Dinner menus starting at 80 euros (1 main course) to 93 euros (2 main courses), with a focus on Italian wines.

1 Vlet
2 Stock's
3 Anna Sgroi