Gold leaf covered Kit Kat launched in Japan ©Nestlé Japan

Gold leaf covered Kit Kat launched in Japan

The most luxurious chocolate biscuit in the world?

by 20 November 2015

In a move not unlike the famous golden tickets in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Nestlé Japan have today launched a special edition gold leaf Kit Kat bar.

The "Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Gold" will be sold at the end of December in selected stores around the country at a cost of 2,016 Yen ($16). Only five hundred of the bars will be available, each gold leafed by hand and consisting of one finger instead of the usual two.

According to Nestle Japan spokesperson Takuya Hiramatsu the special edition version has been launched "on the occasion of 1 million visitors to our Kit Kat Chocolatory boutiques." He also added "Kit Kat has a very unique presence in Japan. Currently around 30 different varieties are available, including Green Tea, Wasabi and Purple Potato".