The city that takes home 17 stars

The city that takes home 17 stars Featured

Hottest city for foodie lovers

by 18 March 2014

For lovers of Michelin-starred restaurants, the new hot culinary destination at the moment is to be found in the Danish city of Copenhagen.

The new recently released Michelin guide to Europe’s main cities has awarded Copenhagen with 17 Michelin stars for 15 of its restaurants, two more than it had last year, making Copenhagen the most-starred city in Scandinavia.

Copenhagen hosts a number of culinary events to boost the cities culinary scene like the Copenhagen Cooking food festival, the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. This summer the city will host its 10th event, where visitors will be given the chance enjoy more than 150 events.

Thanks to the award, Michelin will now publish an all-new, ‘Michelin Guide Nordic,’ which will focus exclusively on Denmark and the North – a welcome change for the area as the guide previously did not award stars to restaurants in Scandinavian cities with less than 500,000 residents.