Paris’ Best Independent Menswear Stores
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If there is one thing we’re sure the Parisian’s can do, after romance, is dressing well. French men frequently in neutral tones, evoke an ‘old soul’ that is often replicated all over the world. Explore one of our top independent Menswear stores, and you too can embrace the Parisian style.

London's Top Independent Menswear Stores
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From Nordic boutiques to sartorial houses, London’s menswear scene is expanding faster than we can imagine. Any genre of shopping destination you need is right at your fingertips in the UK’s capital, and here are our favourites.

360° Spending in Hong Kong
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With a long history of bespoke tailoring and a heritage of luxury goods, Hong Kong is notorious for being the epicentre of style and clothing in the Asian market today. Dress, smell and look the part in the centre of Hong Kong with these experiential shopping destinations. 

Barcelona's New Breed of Boutiques
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Over the past few years, Barcelona has seen a profusion of standalone boutiques opening, these little pieces of heaven in the city's commercial centre offer everything from pop-up events, special editions and concierge services. It’s pure nirvana for hand-made and vintage lovers.

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Cabasso doesn't just make clothes, it makes the elegance of a refined man from head to toe, and from suits to PJs.

Christmas Gift Guide For Him
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Yes, it's that time of year again! Are you feeling festive fatigue on what to buy the men in your life? Allow LUXOS to take you stress-free shopping during sparkle season this year.

Stephan Görner Maßatelier
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Tinker, Soldier, Tailor....Frankurt. Visit this delectable boutique and buy the suit you always dreamed of.

Top 5 Men's Winter Essentials
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Embracing the frosty season can be that of a difficult one with darker mornings and cold evenings. Whether you’re lounging around by the fire at home or wrapping up for winter festivities, taking pride in your appearance shouldn’t go unnoticed. Here are Top 5 men's essentials to embrace the winter.

Movember - Mo' Grooming, Less Problems
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Here are LUXOS' top picks on how to keep your grooming tip top this season.

Al Bazar
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Al Bazar is one of Milan's classic go-to boutiques for modern male necessaires.