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The silk scarves, the iconic logo and, of course, the Birkin bag. Indulge in your heart's desires at Hermès' new Munich flagship store.

Hermès Slim 25mm, steel with diamonds, ultraviolet alligator strap, photo courtesy of Claude Joray
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An interview with Laurent Dordet, CEO of La Montre Hermès, who talks about the success of the Slim collection, and why a watch is not merely an accessory.

Olivier Rousteing's Balmain model army
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Utmost elegance took Paris by storm for this season’s fashion week, but are you really surprised?

The portfolio drawers of The New Craftsman's artisans
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Boutique ateliers provide a theatrical and personalised brand of luxury

Top 5 labels leading the luxury brand-wagon
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What you didn't know about luxury brands

Hermes' La Maison de Carres
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Hermes opens its first dedicated virtual home for its iconic silk scarf collections 

A New Home for Hermès.
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After the opening of their Maison's in Paris, New York, Ginza and Seoul, it is finally time for Shanghai's local Hermès darlings to get their very own 'Maison.'

The most extraordinary Hermes bag of all time
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Hermes new spin on fashion displays attracts crowds in Barcelona
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Hermès creative new display window in Paseo de Gracià, Barcelona is getting more than a passing glance

Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag
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From clutch bags made from cigarette packets and tea bags to diamond clasps and pink sapphires, from headphone cables and furry foxtails to exotic skins; these accessories come in all shapes, colours and sizes