Armani opens its first Emporio Armani store in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Armani Group has announced the opening of its first Emporio Armani store in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. On Sukhbaatar Square, the new store provides 210 square metres of floor space on the ground floor of the Central Tower. The store will present Emporio Armani's complete lifestyle range, for men and women, comprising formal and casual wear, sportswear, leather accessories, watches, sunglasses and jewellery.

Floors are in gloss-finish stone, and built-in ceiling lighting provides a relaxing atmosphere. Extra visual interest is provided by a giant screen presenting catwalk shows for the season, while backlit advertising campaign images can be seen in the men's area.

Giorgio Armani said, "For the Armani group, this store is another important landmark. Mongolia is a country with a wealth of energy, and it is hallmarked by fascinating culture and history. I am always pleasantly surprised by the marvellous reception, on the part of customers, of the opening of the first Armani store in a new country. I have the feeling that Mongolia, just as other nations, are ready to embrace Italian fashion and design."

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