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Check out our Christmas shopping guide, complete with a few tips on how to survive the festive season.

by Sara Kaufman

It is, apparently, the season to be jolly. Christmas is about to hit us all with its usual – lethal – strength, and no, we are not ready. Most of all, we have not followed through the year’s resolution: flying to a sunny island somewhere in the Pacific, away from Santa’s annoying “HO-HO-HO”, from both fake and real snow, from the overexcited crowd of Christmas revellers and from the ordeal of never-ending family and office dinners where getting drunk is frowned upon. So we will, whether we like it or not, have to sit through the whole fairy lights, Jingle Bells, stuffed turkey ritual. No point pretending, Christmas is here.

So let’s pull ourselves together at least for one thing: presents.

Presents can make Christmas bearable. Woollen socks, kitchen apron, self-help books on how to find a lover, subscription to the local, spa-less gym… Probably not. So what is the best way to make sure that you get cool gifts? Exactly: buy some cool presents yourself in the first place! Mum, Dad, partner, BFF, kid… Check out our selection of the best Christmas gifts, the ones that definitely will give you something just as fabulous in return. Don’t forget to tell your beloved ones that you are getting them “something reeeaaaally special this year”, or your efforts will be vain.

For Him

Armani Code Colonia

Fragrances make amazing gifts. However, they can sometimes be interpreted as a “Darling, you stink” message. Unless this is exactly what you wish to communicate, better choose a light cologne instead of a strong Eau de Parfum which might suggest to the recipient that he is in need of some kind of olfactory coverage. Armani Code Colonia offers a combination of citrus clary sage and floral notes. It hints at elegance, casual chic and a seductive allure. You might as well start choosing your scented counterpart!

Armani Code Colonia

Mr&Mrs Italy coat

Mr&Mrs Italy blends the luxury of a high-quality coat with stylish features. This very urban Parka, with its printed patches and fur lining, will keep the lucky recipient warm throughout the cold season, preventing him from wearing a down jacket and look like the notorious Michelin Man.

PMB528ME 3674

Montblanc fountain pen

The Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare Fountain Pen pays tribute to one of history’s leading figures in literature. The body of the writing instrument is engraved with a fine feather-like pattern that represents the quill pen Shakespeare used to write his many works, while the engraving on the Au 750 gold nib honours the Globe Theatre, affectionately referred to by the playwright as the “wooden O”. Your partner/father/brother hasn’t read a book since his high school days? He might enjoy writing, and perhaps also get curious and ask for a hard back copy of Romeo & Juliet next year.

shakespeare writersedition nib

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For Her

Breguet watch

Diamonds are, indeed, a girl’s best friends. But why settle for the cliché of jewellery? Present the lady her fair share of diamonds set on the case of the luxurious Reine de Naples Jour/Nuit watch. Elegant and sophisticated, with a romantic day/night complication on the upper half of the dial, it defies the stereotype of complicated watches being “something for men”.

Reine de Naples Jour Nuit HJ 8999BB

Chanel bag

The bag is something a woman carries with her all the time, it becomes a complement of her style and also a statement. For this reason, she usually prefers to choose it herself. However, some bags are universal symbols of style and elegance and giving them as presents means complimenting the girl on her undiscussed class. The Chanel Hobo Handbag in aged calfskin and tweed features all the grace of the French maison, as well as being extremely versatile. An ageless, timeless beauty.

Hobo bag in black quilted leather tweed and gold metal

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Roger Vivier shoes

Nothing says “I love you” like…a pair of shoes. In addition, a great pair of shoes also says “I care about your comfort, your elegance, and about you not getting blisters and spraining your ankle”: pure romance! The Roger Vivier Choc Real Onda Passementerie pump is classy and extremely versatile. The “talon virgule” guarantees better stability, as well as adding an extra stylish twist.

Roger Vivier Fall Winter 1819 Choc Real Onda Passementerie Pump CMJN HD

For the little ones

Tiffany Teddy Bear

Buying presents for children is, by far, the most difficult task in present-making. First of all, how little? Second: kids today have pretty much everything. The best thing to do is to make sure that whatever we choose will be perceived as special. Ideally it should come with a story. Tiffany & Co., together with Steiff, came up with a new interpretation of what has always been a child’s best friend: the Teddy Bear. Cuddly and extra soft, with its golden fur and paws in the iconic Tiffany Blue, the Tiffany Love Teddy Bear in mohair is sure to become children’s new lifelong companion.

Tiffany x Steiff Ret 4595

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Kartell Kids furniture

Of course you can’t expect kids to get you something particularly exciting for Christmas. You’ll just have to lump the loopy toilet-roll sculptures, the gross pasta necklaces and express your utter admiration for artwork depicting you as a grotesque monster on a seriously bad hair day. However, you can do their parents a favour (or yourself a favour, in case they are your own) for example by sprucing up the play room. Kartell comes to the aid of all design-hungry parents with a fun and creative collection of furniture pieces for kids. Simple and cute, they can also be customised with the children’s names, or with the aforementioned, flattering, portrait of yourself.


Il Gufo outfit

If children could have their own way they would dress themselves as the cookie monster or as a fairy princess or simply spend their whole day in their PJs. But adults love dressing them up nicely: all those miniature couture pieces which look so adorable… Thank god, Il Gufo has the solution: sweet and extremely snuggly kids’ clothes. By “dressing children as children” Il Gufo has found the perfect balance between kids’ need for comfort and their parents’ sartorial ambitions. By the way, in December the spring/summer 2019 collection will already be available in store!

ILGUFO FW18 catalogue p29


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