Style for the Long Haul

A long haul flight is dreadful. Know what to pack so you can fly with ease. 

Sitting in one place for a long time can get boring, especially when on a long haul flight. That's why it’s important to be smart when packing your carry-on for your next trip. 

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Spend your time wisely

Besides the screen that is on the back of the chair in front of you, there are other ways to entertain yourself. In your carry-on, pack your favourite novel that is hard to put down. It's a must to pack your favourite LUXOS magazine that will have lots of material of what to do or where to shop at your destination. A journal is a wise choice when traveling - Kate Spade's notebooks will bring your words to life when traveling to your dream destination. 


At times, sleeping on an airplane can be uncomfortable. Amara's eyemasks will block out any light that might disturb your sleep. Keep up with the latest technology and bring your new loop earplugs. Loop earplugs will allow you to listen to your sleep playlist while having the look of a piece of jewerly in your ear. Your phone will never die if you have your Anker portable charger in your carry-on. The portable charger offers you to charge your iPhone 8 up to 6 times. It's necessary to pack water, snacks, gum, a sweater, and medication that helps with plane sickness. On that note, be sure to pack hand sanitiser as well.

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After a long haul flight, you will want to feel refreshed again but you might worry that you’re unable to use any of your toiletries because of the liquid limit. Have no fear, for there are many toiletries that are under 100ml. You will love Hairstory's New Wash that will keep your hair clean and shiny all day long. The best part about this product is that there are no detergents or synthetic products that will damage your hair. So don't sweat over the small stuff, when you've the product that will maintain its style throughout the day. 

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