GIADA: A wave of style conquers Milan for FW18

What’s in store for FW2018? Giada presents a theatrical collection that is feminine, fierce and delicate. LUXOS brings you the highlights.

As sophisticated compositions glide down the runway during Giada’s fall/winter 2018 collection, it’s easy to distinguish the modern, simplistic lines. It is a collection that always retains a close connection to artistry, an intrinsic part of the contemporary maison’s DNA. And that tie is inherent in the meticulous tailoring to the interiors of the boutique in Milan. Designed for the well-educated and well-off modern woman, the collection is subdued yet affirmative, and always elegant. Each collection is an ‘aesthetic experiment’ that blends modern art with elegant minimalism to create a season of styles that are undoubtedly feminine and timeless.

While the SS2018 collection drew inspiration from the radial expressions of artist, Macarena Ruz-Tegla as well as the abstract watercolours of the painter Paul Jenkins (think chromatic degradations from dark green to grey, blue to cobalt and botanical-inspired accessories), the FW18 collection features an intriguing colour code with voluptuous and winding surfaces, inspired by the works of Roi James and the pleated sculptures of Amilcar de Castro. Completing this creative vision is a catwalk made of porphyry giallogiotto, the same stone that was chosen by master of minimalist architecture, Claudio Silvestrin, to create the Giada boutiques around the world.

Giada QQP5169 web

The inspired graphic movements work in harmony with the silhouettes and delicate textile, each piece carefully planned to carry the patterns with effortless grace. Coats take centre stage and are made using double-layer wool-silk blend crepe and cashmere, roomy, round tailoring at the sleeves and artistic brooches that fasten on the side. This same artistic interpretation is also given to the classic cape, available in mini or maxi version, wrapping around the body or worn freestyle to contrast varying lengths in skirts and trousers. Snug and cosy wrap-around coats are made from baby alpaca and have an impressive surface-dyed effect adding new dimensions to comfort. Dresses - in shades of grey, blue, emerald and almond and amber nuances – take drama to the next level, with bejewelled double belts, while skirts and ankle-length trousers feature fine plongé nappa leather bonded with silk.

Giada QQP5658 web


Observing the movement of the fabric from cashmere to silk, and despite the intricate details embedded in the collection, there is a sensation of an uninterrupted flow in the way raised mohair yarn is injected into precious jacquard, panels of wool are crossed by multi-coloured waves, and pleat inserts throw a linear dress into creative disarray. These are just some of the ways the collection seeks to capture the movement of daring spirals and surfaces seen in the works of James and de Castro.

Complementing this sophisticated collection is a range of accessories, from soft folding handbags with ornate handles to a jewellery collection made of organic shapes incorporating Giada’s flower symbol, the calla flower. The collection opts for the high road with comfortable ankle boots, relaxed, knee-high boots and extra slim heels.

On occasion of the fashion show, Giada donated two valuable lots of autographed letters by Italian painter Francesco Hayez to the Biblioteca Braidense library in Milan – personally handed over to the top management of the cultural institution - as a commitment to Italy’s cultural and artistic heritage. That is a sure way to sign off in style, on and off the runway.


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