Lele's ® Untie'wear: A Bespoke Revolution

A new bespoke eyewear option has opened on Sardinia’s luxurious Emerald Coast. Luxury made democratic, Lele's ® Untie'wear is a revolution in tailor-made glasses. Made in Italy, and recently patented worldwide, the new collection offers ‘on demand’ eyewear in a new Porto Cervo location.

For those not content with the trendy and glam glasses available in the market, Lele's ® creates tailor-made glasses, customized to each clients exacting specifications. And with the use of unique 3-D technology, the glasses are available immediately, without the waiting time customary to tailor made items.

A single frame can come to life in dozens of different ways. Lele's ® glasses are made of nine separate pieces, enabling each client to mix and match to create a singular pair of glasses. Sunglasses, bifocals, and corrective lenses are available in five strengths, from +1.00 to +3.00, in increments of .50. A wide range of colors are available, including fluorescent colors like fuchsia and lime green, the perfect colors for summer. The new collection also offers glasses embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Untie'wear Lele's ® On Demand collection is available in the recently inaugurated boutique in the Piazzetta Principe in Porto Cervo. The salon has been eclectically and elegantly decorated, and is a true creative laboratory, in which clients can not only design their glasses, but also buy any of the furniture that decorates the shop.

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