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Majorca-based brand Carmina Shoemaker makes fine contemporary shoes using time-honoured techniques.

by Rino Noce

Shoes are a product in which quality is something you can feel. The best shoes not only look good, but are comfortable to wear right from the start. Carmina Shoemaker, a brand founded in 1997 by José Albaladejo and his family in Majorca, perpetuates the supreme quality based on time- honoured traditions, with a history running back to 1866.

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All their shoes begin as a handmade wooden last, onto which the design is traced by hand. This is used to make the flat patterns, which are transferred to the shell cordovan leather. The parts are cut and stitched, and then placed back onto the last where they remain for four days in order to acquire their permanent shape. The welt is then stitched on, and a natural compound of cork and ground leather is inserted into the 1-centimetre space between welt and sole. This material is malleable, and so it will adapt to the wearer’s feet over the course of a few days’ use. The last stages are finishing, using waxes and beeswax to create the hallmark lush patina.

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The success of the Carmina Shoemaker approach can be gauged from the brand’s growth over the space of just a few years. There are now three boutiques in Madrid, one in Barcelona, and others in Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Singapore and New York. They all showcase Carmina Shoemaker’s exquisite style heritage in shoes for men and women. 

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