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Il Gufo's Desert Dream

Il Gufo’s SS18 collection reveals itself as a mirage, where nature and it’s people inspire the fabric, colours, prints and techniques.

Encapsulating images of the arid desert, Il Gufo's latest collection brings the story to life. While the shapes are soft, detailing is added with three-dimensional embellishment, creating a reflection of nature blooming in the stark desert. Appliques, printed fabric and floral patterns are all apparent. Tulle, denim, lace and basketweave make for light little girl’s clothing ready for exploration and comfort with a touch of spontaneity. For the boys, pastel-shaded seersucker of blues and greens makes way for a colonial mode of dress that creates an air of traditional elegance.

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Much like the journey between the sky and sand dunes, the colours represent the abundant nature of an oasis discovery. Pale blue and denim complement one another with off white hues and a touch of gold for the young girl at heart. Portraying a reflective sky, deep blues, stripe, check is paired with deep green and yellow, while orange and fuchsia tells the story of a flowering cacti. The collection’s linen items evoke light air in neutral tones and navy with flashes of burnt red much like a desert fire.

A statement piece of the collection for little girls is a white dress with classic pleat details, yellow flowers and royal blue butterflies for a delicate aesthetic. While for boys, denim shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts with palm tree detailing and seersucker polo create a more timeless look. Newborn dresses and girl’s baby grows are detailed with insects and cacti with touches of blue and brown for boys.

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Il Gufo’s Silver Label collection represents a pure story with whites and blues, evoking elegance and refinement. For girls, weightless frills, Swarovski crystals, organza and handmade white dahlia are all apparent for a precious look. In contrast a blue tuxedo suit in silk shanting with lapel and button, and matching trousers will make quite the impression for a little boy this summer.

In continuity of the theme, the collection's shoes add colour and bring designs to life in elegant sandals and classic sneakers for boys for a metropolitan finish.

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In light of Il Gufo’s ‘Desert Dream’, water is a vital source. The brand want to bring together a community with Oxfam Italia to offer help in emergencies with their #20SECONDS project, because taking 20 seconds to wash your hands can save lives.. During this special event, all proceeds will go to help raise funds to prevent the spread of an epidemic, when you purchase one of their 4 unisex t-shirts with water themed prints.

Discover more of the collection on their website.

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