Top 5 Men's Winter Essentials Featured

Embracing the frosty season can be that of a difficult one with darker mornings and cold evenings. Whether you’re lounging around by the fire at home or wrapping up for winter festivities, taking pride in your appearance shouldn’t go unnoticed. Here are Top 5 men's essentials to embrace the winter.


Cashfelt Knitted Scarf

Inspired by a passion of the Himalayas, using the finest cashmere; Mirror in The Sky have created designs that can be worn formally and casually. With all their designs created in Barcelona, they’re then hand knitted in Nepal creating a parallel between craftsmanship and luxury. The Cashfelt scarf makes for a perfect gift this season providing ample warmth and comfort.

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Ermenegildo Zegna Elements of Man

Zegna’s latest complex fragrance collection blends masculine attributes of strength, passion, integrity, talent and wisdom. Each fragrance is a unique mix of bold scents; such as rich rums, pink pepper spices and deep smoke creating evocative and defining aroma. Purchse for yourself to impress that lady in life or treat a loved one as a stocking filler.

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Acne ‘Charles’ Overcoat

Designed exclusively by Mr Porter; Acne’s ‘Charles’ wool and cashmere blend coat will be more than just you go-to this winter. Creating a mysterious style with it’s loose fitting silhouette, it can easily be worn dressed up over a slim fit suit or down with suede boots and chunky knit. This classic over coat will elevate any look whilst keeping you warm and snug through the frosty season.

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Mr James Smith & Son City Umbrella

Mr James Smith started making his umbrellas in a small workshop at the back of the store when back in 1830, today the atelier is world renowed as one of the oldest umbrella sellers. Their 'city umbrella' made from high quality nylon cloth is sourced from Italy that is densely woven, making the umbrella durable during rain and snow. Finished with a black calf leather handle evoking the aesthetic of crocodile skin, this umbrella is a luxury essential to your winter wardrobe.

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3-In-1 Glove In Leather

If there is one thing worth investing in each winter is a pair of quality gloves. Easily pop them in the top pocket of your coat when not wearing them for an added accessory to your outfit. If you need a pair to commute in, whether driving or cycling treat yourself to a leather pair (the kind that your grandparents always advised you of as a kid). Coach’s 3-in-1 gloves in mahogony, are the perfect blend between practicality, aeshetic and warmth. Made from 100% goat leather, 90% wool and 10% cashmere; choose to wear the leather or knit alone, or both for extra warmth.

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