Brioni to celebrate its 65th anniversary at Castello Sforzesco, Milan, on 22 June

To mark the 65th anniversary of the marque's foundation, Brioni will celebrate the success it has achieved so far in the magical setting of Castello Sforzesco, Milan's enormous and evocative castle. The event will take place on 22 June, in the form of a cocktail for press and top customers. The evening will include appearances and performances by showbiz personalities.

65 years of history, research, creativity and innovation. During this time, Brioni has diversified, expanded abroad, and consolidated its position on the Italian market.

Today, Brioni represents a series of microcosms with different histories and experiential values, which have enabled the brand to diversify its products while perpetuating its identity, one that is forever synonymous with style and sophistication. For this anniversary, a limited-edition "Brioni" fragrance has been launched - inspired by the famous "Good Luck" fragrance from 50 years earlier - and it is available at the own-brand boutiques.

In fact, the company's archives not only document the 65 years of the company's history. They also provide a heritage of design and creativity, and in fact they have won recognition from Italy's Ministry of Culture. Today they offer an important starting point for work on new lines and new products. Brioni has never surrendered to the whims of fashion. Its products are on a plane above that on ephemeral trends, because they are classic as well as modern, and are made from the finest-quality printed fabrics.

The event at Castello Sforzesco will not be a finishing line, but a starting point, an opportunity to celebrate the past and to highlight what is still to come.

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