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Menswear Brands to Watch Featured

Discover Menswear's underdogs on the rise in 2017.

With figures and statistics showing menswear is on the up, men are increasingly taking more of a interest in the way in which they dress. This has enabled brands to take an avant-garde approach and more young designers are cropping up from all corners of the world. From fresh cuts to innovate tailoring the menswear industry has taken a refreshing turn. Here are the brands you want to be buying from right now. 

Simeone Napoli

Bay St. Bull Lance Chung Simeone Napoli

Canada based Italian brand combines the ease of travel with heritage and style. Founded by two brothers, Reziero and Carlo who wanted to bring the art of sprezzatura to their home in Toronto. With solid pieces to the collection, the Italian brothers prove it doesn’t take much to look good, each item of clothing being versatile the brand provides classic basics that the everyday man knows and trusts. Innovative shirts combined with hidden travel eye masks and tailoring inspired travel pants are just a couple of the debut collection that the modern man can enjoy whilst on the move.

Christian Kimber

Christian Kimber sneakers passport collection lookbook 3

British designer Christian Kimber began his design career setting an example that some of us are just born with creation. After following his studies in an unrelated field, Christian opposing tradition decided to start on his own, where he began designing his neo classicism shoe collection; boasting European style marrying the casual state of dress in Australia. Today he works from his Melbourne flagship, selling not just his footwear collection but also a range of men’s clothing and accessories; Christian is heading to great things having seen his shoes on the feet of the likes of US hip hop artist Common. 

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The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear

Canvas e Cran

This collection of handmade eyewear has been designed and curated by menswear storyteller, Fabio Attanasio. With each pair of glasses taking it’s name from a different part to a man’s suit such as cran and pleast, this set of eyewear is fit for a style conscious male. Neapolitan born, Fabio is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to dressing well, The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear are a reflection of his ideas and expertise.

Saman Amel

vogue1 1024x1024

Design savvy capital Stockholm doesn’t fall short of innovation, generating clean versatile styles frequently. Swedish brand, Saman Amel founded by Saman Amel and part owned with Dag Granath take their inspiration from their teenage skating days. They wanted to create tailoring for a young fresh minded man and this reflects in their tonal clothing, with hues of blues, broken whites and neutrals for a refreshing pallet. The young duo have influenced not just style conscious men in Stockholm but over Europe too.

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