Shopping in Dubrovnik Featured

Shop from Dubrovnik's finest concept and boutique stores for everything from crafty pieces to luxury trending items.

From modern to traditional, Dubrovnik is packed with a diverse blend of new and old inspired boutiques. Modern concept stores with the latest fashions and other shops that respect Croatian heritage, make it easy to find the best of both worlds. These shops carry inherently croatian goods that make perfect gifts to bring back home. 

Maria Boutique

maria boutique 2

Shop the season's trendiest luxury goods at this brand name boutique. Maria's is always filled with the latest off the runway from Stella McCartney to Chloe. When you've searched everywhere for your size in those gucci fringe loafers, look no further than Maria's for a reliable shop. Located in a 16th century monastery building, this concept store is just as stunning as it is from the outside as it is from the inside. 

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 croata 2

Cravats are to Croatia, what berets are to Paris- a cultural identifier. This iconic wardrobe staple is known for being Croatia's fashion symbol. It all began when women would tie a scarf around their loved one's neck before going off to war. This trend caught on, and developed into a men's fashion must-have. Stop by Croatia's famous cravat store, Croata for all your silk neck ties, scarves and shawl needs.

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Clara Stones

 clarastones 2

Perfect for treating yourself or bringing something home special for a loved one, Clara Stones has an exciting assortment of elegant Croatian-made jewelry. The pieces all have a strong ocean influence, and use the traditional coral craft to make them. The signature red, organic coral shapes can be found on her one of a kind necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

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 Modni Kantun 


If you are looking for unique gems, look no further. This small boutique is packed with uncommon and exquisite jewelry and clothing from local Croatian designers and makers.

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Michal Negrin


This vintage inspired shop wears its Croatian heritage on its sleeve. With tons of brocade and floral prints filling everything from the walls to the patterns of the clothing and furniture, this shop is eye catching. This shop is known for its distinct style, and has 65 international concept stores. Visit one and bring home a little Croatian flare with you on your next trip. 


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