Almasanta: Sustainable Luxury Fashion Featured

Leading Spanish brand Almasanta open the future with LUXOS about sustainable e-commerce shopping.

In a day and age where sustainable living is on the rise, it’s vital we understand and proactively live in a way that protects our precious planet. This can be from our water usage to recycling to the clothes we wear. With many brands turning to sustainable living, we equally don’t want to lose sight of style. Barcelona based brand Almasanta prioritises quality brands that not only care for our environment but reflect a sense of style. LUXOS talks with co-founder and CEO Claudia M. Monaco about the rise of being Earth friendly in the fashion industry.

Q. Can you give a back story about Almasanta - How did you begin and why?

Fashion has always been our passion, it’s in our DNA, it’s a way of expressing yourself and communicate who you are to the rest of the world. Working for 7 years in Corporate Social Responsibility we saw the amount of big retailers that lacked transparency in their production, especially in the fashion industry. We use fashion to communicate ourselves but we cannot be transparent if we don’t know where the product come from. Through this experience we decided to use the growing ecommerce industry to merge both our passion for fashion and sustainability.


Q. What are the values you look for when choosing which brands to work with?

At Almasanta, we support the brands that have sustainability in their DNA, that comply with at least 1 of our 8 pillars; handmade, organic, Fairtrade, recyclable, certified, ecological, local production and social integration. These brands are positioned at the opposite end of the large multinationals, which have a business model based on the constant rotation of merchandise and consequently, the permanent motivation to consume and discard.

Q. So looking at these company values, living a sustainable life surely plays an important part too. Do you think we could all live 100% sustainably?

100%, yes in the future. Regarding fashion, large luxury brands are already trying to incorporate more ethical and sustainable processes. The fashion industry is turning to this trend. We can not compare sustainable fashion brands from 5 years ago to today. The fashion industry is recognising sustainability as its guide for growth and new brands are approaching their business based on ethical values without forgetting the style and trends.

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Q. That being said, and after watching various documentaries we are quickly learning the effects we're having on our environment, after all there is no Planet B. If we could all change one thing about how we live daily that would make a huge positive impact to future generations, what would it be?

Every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate or the society. From what we eat, the lifestyle that we want to follow or what you are going to wear each day. These decisions could make a change to our future generations. Both of us try to be very conscious in what we do, what we eat and how we dress.


Q. From your experience, are there brands out there that truly believe in being sustainable or is it a way to 'look good' for the benefit of sales and PR?

In the end there is no rule that defines what is sustainable, yet. The term is very broad. A brand that meets all sustainable requirements is very difficult and more on those small brands due to the extra cost involved.
It is important to be transparent with the consumer and explain why they are considered sustainable, the more brands that are sustainable the better for society and the environment.
However, if we talk regarding the fast fashion brands that are doing a sustainable line, then YES, is a way to look good.

Q. So, how would you like to expand Almasanta in the future to impact the sustainable fashion world?

We want to be the first ecommerce destination to find both sustainable and fashionable products. We plan to expand to other markets in the world and through other categories. Our aim is to cover all the necessities of the consumer plus, as a differentiated product, we think that we should provide this product to society.

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