Spend: A Vintage Affair Featured

Explore some of the finest vintage shops in the world.

Cavalli e Nastri, Milan, Italy

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Whenever you travel to somewhere fabulous like New York, London, Paris or Milan the idea of picking up a vintage treat is always in the back of your mind. But where can you find that Chanel brooch or those YSL tribute heels? This is always the struggle. But at Cavalli e Nastri, you are walking into a dress up box that will fulfill all of your hearts desires. Found right in the heart of Milan's buzzing Brera district, Cavalli e Nastri offers the people of Milan the most opulent and sought after pieces from clothes and accessories to shoes and handbags. All of the items are in great condition and carefully selected by the fantastic team. If you want to drive yourself into fashion frenzy, then take yourself down to this wonderful vintage emporium.

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Beyond Retro Vintage, London, England

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Every piece of clothing has a story, or at least, that's how it is at Beyond Retro Vintage Clothing where recycling isn't a chore grudgingly carried out, but a lifestyle. With fashions from every era of the 20th century and a commitment to the environment, Beyond Retro Vintage Clothing is a socially concious and environmentally friendly business. Located on Cheshire Street in London, the store is a popular destination for dedicated vintage wearers and trendsetters alike.

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Dary's, Paris, France


Of course Paris is famous for it’s fashion, and a big part of that culture is the culture of jewelry and other similar precious works of art. Dary’s jewelry shop specializes in the sale and purchase of precious, luxury, old, vintage and pre-owned jewelry. Jewelry that has important and unique history, designer jewelry, contemporary jewelry and collectable jewelry. Established in 1932, Dary’s has been the favorite jewelry shop of the most notable people, from French and foreign designers to fashionistas and models. If you are ever in need of any kind of jewelry Dary’ won’t disappoint.

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Flamingo's Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

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See the neon pink flamingo sign, and you know you are at the right place. This eclectic thrift haven is perfect for those who love to hunt for a unique piece. Sift through the carefully selected assortment at Flamingo’s for hours. Unlike other thrift shops, this vintage gold mine is only filled with gems, so you will not leave empty handed. With a huge array of vintage leather, it makes it impossible not to want to invest in a statement frayed leather jacket. Pick up a wind breaker from the eighties, a band tee shirt or some classics to add to your record collection. We promise this one stop vintage shop will have everything you are looking for and more.

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No. 2, Zurich, Switzerland

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Enjoy personalized customer service both online and in the store at No. 2. With over sixty designers, the No. 2’s products range from men and women’s clothing to accessories and beauty products. The store also specializes in living items such as vintage furniture and other home accessories. After shopping, take a walk through the beautiful Seefeld district and dine at one of the many diverse restaurants the area offers.

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