Sustainable and Ethical Global Fashion Brands

Sustainable and ethical fashion is quickly becoming a priority for shoppers, designers and brands alike. Here is a list of where to shop for timeless, quality fashion items that don't harm the environment.



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Sustainability, respect and fashion come together in Hikure, an Italian denim company that makes sustainable and ethical denim products. The creators chose the name Haikure because it is a combination of the words Haiku, future, nature and pure, all terms that encompass the essence of this brand. Like the name Haikure, each piece of clothing evokes the minimalist sentiment of a Haiku, but with a futuristic fashionable twist that makes it wearable for any occasion, at any time. Find canvas coats, cute jean skirts and, of course, comfortable jeans all made by this eco-friendly, forward-thinking label.

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Nisolo's shoes are at the forefront of the sustainable and ethical fashion movement. Not only are the styles chic, sleek and timeless but all of the shoe makers receive fair trade wages, and there are no middlemen involved in the process, so you know who you are buying from, and where they source materials for the shoes. Dress these beautifully made shoes up or down depending on the occasion, and appreciate their quality and long-lasting design. For more information about the impact Nisolo makes on the Earth, visit their website and feel free to ask them any questions you might have about their business practices--they are always happy to answer.

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Flippa K

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The modern, minimalist designs on display at Flippa K reflect the brand's commitment to both sustainability and fashion. Find all of your fashion staples, such as the classic little black dress, white blouse and well-fitting t-shirt, when you shop at Flippa K. Along with women's and men's fashion, Flippa K also has a sports section that features well-made sports bras, warm-up tops, leggings and printed shorts. If you are just now building up your sustainable and ethical fashion wardrobe, Flippa K is the first stop to make on your shopping adventure.

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Designed and handmade in Cape Town, South Africa, jewellery from Pichulik is "bold jewellery for brave women." Although the exquisite craftsmanship is world famous, the most striking part of this jewellery is the production. Made by and for women, each necklace, earring and bracelet serve as an expression of female empowerment and ownership. Support a network of women by wearing one of these beautiful fashion accessories.

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Bluer Denim

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These American-made and sourced jeans are some of the finest denim on the market. Although the jeans are famous, be sure to check out their jean jackets which go well with a cute print dress or a light sundress. Tailored and crafted to last for a long time, purchasing a pair of jeans from Bluer Denim is both an investment for your closet and the environment.

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Veja's zero waste and ethical production standards are the highest in the world. All of their materials are organic and easily traced and transparency lies at the heart of this brand. Although they have lovely leather shoes for sale, Veja's vegan shoes are perfect for vegans and vegetarians and represent a commitment to the highest ethical standards. Although Veja is based out of Paris, the brand's well-designed shoes have received international attention and acclaim.

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