Alberto Gaurdiani Spring Summer 2017 Collection Alberto Gaurdiani Spring Summer 2017 Collection

The Versatile Touch of Alberto Guardiani

Inspired by nautical adventures and afternoons basking in the sunshine, Alberto Guardiani's Spring-Summer 2017 Collection is nothing short of elegant, sophisticated and sexy.

by Eleonora Betesh


Surreal is perhaps the best word to describe the men's collection which adopts a dual personality, whereby tradition and freedom creatively combine to bring innovative materials, surprising details and hybrid functionality. In fact, forget the concept of collection; rather, it is an articulated wardrobe of footwear for gentlemen. 

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The SS 2017 men's collection features bold, bright colours such as raspberry red and teal blue in soft suede and woven leather details that are contrasted with rubber soles, infusing the male wardrobe with an air of escapism, yet chic enough to mix with the urban stream.

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The sole is an inherent part of the process, if not the core. Contrasting rubber soles are not a new thing for Alberto Guardiani fans yet he manages to reinvent Italian sophistication with modern comforts, time and again. In the new collection Guardiani features the 'tried and tested', famous rubber soles in vibrant colors, with visible handmade stitching alongside open heel shoes, classic lace-up shoes and mocassins. Paired with a casual suit or relaxed beach wear, the collection is versatile, fresh and distinctly Italian.

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The women's collection  takes nautical up a notch, where imagination reigns supreme. Every item exudes classic feminity with a touch of irony, a reflection of the contemporary woman. This is evident in the mega platforms, hi-rise trainers, and unconventional shapes. While classic goes a long way, there is always room for some fun and unexpected twists in Guardiani's eyes, and the playful balance is achieved with eccentric materials, vibrant sequin accents, studs and bold, colourful buckles.
It is quite clear that retro chic is back, and one glance at Guardini's new collection confirms just why that is. The Holly shoe exudes a strong retro appeal with an oversized rubber heel and high plateau, offering a comfort fit with the silhouette of a clog. The ankle strap, peep toe and combination of materials hint at the contemporary pin-ups chic that is perfect for urban adventures and weekend outfits. The unusual combinations make for a creative collection that never compromises comfort and definitively, distinct style.

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Two additional hit-lists from the collections are the sequin-studded, pony print and nude leather platforms in zig zag or macro-polka dots, and the super light trainers made of innovative material combinations and bold colors, for a truly amazing effect. Conquer the city with versatility in Guardiani's modern take on urban pumps, with energetic details, inserts, buckles and colors. That's what we call springing into summer.

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