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Top Date Ideas For Spring Pexels

Top Date Ideas For Spring

Tired of the chocolate and flowers routine? We have some romantic inspiration for you. Surprise your girl with a date she’ll love, or start dropping hints to your guy now.

by Sarah Leonhardt

Jewellery shopping

Trust us when we say you’ll never know her taste as well as she does. Save yourself the struggle and make her day by letting her choose her own gift. Take her to your favourite jewellery store and tell her to pick out what she wants. Not only will she find a piece she’ll probably wear for years, but the memory of your chivalry will be pure gold.


Cooking class

Turn up the heat on your relationship by getting a gourmet lesson from a professional. Even if home cooking isn’t usually your thing, this is the perfect way to give it a go. Try an exotic style of cuisine you don’t usually eat to spice up your date even more, and keep the romance going with champagne and a sweet dessert once you’re back home.


Couples massage

This is a classic couples’ activity she’ll never get bored of. Call ahead and arrange a private massage for the two of you at her favourite luxury spa. Bonus points if you book her a solo pedicure or facial too. Keep your easy vibes going the whole night with some sushi takeout for two, so you’ll never even have to slip out of your robes.

Winter picnic

Who says summer is picnic season? This spring, take your romance to a whole new level by planning a picnic outside for the two of you. Pack some hot coffee or apple cider, her favourite snack or sandwich, and lots of blankets. Make sure you set the mood with music and a scenic location, and bundle up. The chill gives you the perfect excuse to pull her close.


Dancing date

Make her Hollywood fantasy come to life and take her for a spin on the dance floor. Scout out a romantic location, preferably with string lights and a live band. Take the lead and don’t forget to dip her, too. Dancing not your thing? By the end of this romantic night, she’ll be so head over heels she won’t even notice if you’ve got two left feet.

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