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Top Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s day, candy hearts, teddy bears, and life partners are all optional. Give a gift to the person you love the most: yourself. Indulge your taste for the finer things in life with these simple ways to feel like a million this February 14th. 

by Sarah Leonhardt

Get your hair blown out

corinthia-finalDaniel Galvin Salon

Save yourself the trouble and have a professional slave over your perfect blowout on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re heading to the office, drinks with friends, or a dinner for two, you deserve to feel polished all day long. Schedule an appointment with your regular stylist. If you are in the States, try Drybar and in London the only place worth being seen and preened is Daniel Galvin.

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Turn your bath into a spa

luxury-spa-amenitiesBulgari Spa Milan

Live in luxury without setting a foot out the door by creating a personalised at-home spa. Kill the overhead lights and use tea candles to set the mood, in soothing scents like sandalwood or fresh linen. Make yourself some hot towels to relax your shoulders, back, and face, and linger in the bath with your favourite magazine. Try mixing organic coconut oil, brown sugar, and a pinch of grated lemon peel for an easy body scrub that will leave you glowing.

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Drink this cocktail

Enjoy your assorted chocolates like a grown-up with a frozen mudslide. Combine your favourite chocolate ice cream with some milk, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream liqueur and blend. Garnish with chocolate shavings, chocolate syrup, or whatever the chef in you desires. For the ice cream, try Haagen-Dazs Mayan Chocolate for something rich, or Halo Top Chocolate for a little less guilt. 


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Buy new shoes

Your feet deserve to be pampered, and with more than just a pedicure. Those embellished booties or colourful heels you’ve been eyeing for a while? We give you full permission to purchase. If there aren’t any shoes catching your eye at the moment, a new lipstick will do perfectly. 


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Indulge your inner film connoisseur

image 1Romeo and Juliet

Take a break from the mainstream and brush up on your art with a sophisticated flick. Check out something foreign, such as a Cannes Film Festival winner, or choose an old black and white movie you’ve always wanted to see. Spice up your snack by drizzling truffle oil or sprinkling chilli powder onto your popcorn, and hit play.

Enjoy one or several of the above for your best Valentine’s Day yet. After treating yourself, you’ll start a love affair with luxury that will last year round.

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