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A New Way to Workout with Plein Sport

Introducing the World's First Luxury Sportswear Brand: Plein Sport.

Plein sport is not a sister collection by any means from Philip Plein; rather it is a stand-alone brand, prided with its own status and independent entity. While it may evoke many connotations of that of Plein’s DNA, it holds a unique flair and ultra-luxe spirit.

Whereby you might expect to see leather jackets, studs, denim shirts, skulls and iconic features alike; the idea behind Plein Sport is for functional purposes for those who lead active lives. With a combination of cutting-edge technology the pieces are designed and produced ready for you to hit the gym; not that of the street or runway.

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Those familiar with the Plein brand name will understand they do not do things by halves. This season’s show once again was loud and daring. With a warm welcome socialites gathered at the bright showroom. Amongst guest names of the likes of Paris Hilton setting the mood with some house beats, Milan’s presentation boasted skulls and hard-core accessories. To accompany the evening we were greeted by glasses of Moet & Chandon, personalised Philip Plein smarties and gastronomic treats created by Mathieu Pacaud. In the space of 35 years the French chef has achieved 6 Michelin stars, whilst maintaining the quality of his delights each canapy and raspberry topped meringue echoed Philip Plein’s creations.

PLEIN SPORT 4Plein sport

Plein Sport is inspired by dissident names of extreme sports; the ones who put the average athletes to shame. The base-jumpers and house-runners who will always push their boundaries and limits; fast, tough and aggressive. All of which are apparent in the brand’s tiger emblem, after all it's survival of the fittest.

This season has however only launched a menswear collection, their ladies is due to follow not long after, in this coming November. Not only that but a series of stores are set to open in December in Paris, Milan and Amsterdam designed by Italian architect studio CLS in the concept of a gym environment.