Daniela de Marchi and the Serpente collection

The serpent is the symbol of the new collection by designer Daniela de Marchi. The pieces are made using the "dropage" technique, which has become a hallmark of the De Marchi atelier. Precious metals are combined with enamels and burnished finish to produce a perfect harmony of forms and colour. In this collection, a new shade, Etruscan green, has been introduced for the first time.

Daniela developed the "Dropage" process during her training as a jewellery designer. She describes it as an "alchemical process applied to lost-wax casting." She had her first show in 2000, and now has an atelier in Via dei Piatti, Milan.

In the photo, the designer, with the Medusa bracelet, in a preview of the "Collezione Serpente" which will be presented at the GlamRoom at the Vicenza Oro Charm trade fair, running from 22 to 26 May 2010.
Further info: www.danielademarchi.it