Polo Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016 Polo Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2016

Top 5 trends in women’s bags for summer 2016

We round up the top five trends in women’s bags for the spring/summer 2016 season

Bags – a word that conjures up a series of longings, visions and dreams for all those who simply cannot live with just one. And the degree of euphoric effect that bags have can be as variable as the word you place in front: the ‘it’ bag, the ‘investment’ bag, the ‘everyday’ bag, the ‘work’ bag, the ‘evening’ bag, or how about the‘mini’ take on great classics by every major brand that has been on your wish list the past few seasons?

Chain Reaction

Stella-McCartney-Chain-reactionStella McCartney

The chain as an important accessory was propelled into the international spotlight when Mademoiselle Chanel debuted her 2.55. With a simple chain, her design freed women from the problems caused by the handheld bags that were common at that time. The spring/summer 2016 season witnesses a revival of the chained bag at Gucci, Lanvin, Versace and Stella McCartney, whose structured hobos are a chic step beyond the famous Falabella, essentially a bag on a chain.



There is a great divide between those who love a butter-soft bag that smushes down and those who love neat organisation. The ultimate structured bags are without doubt the Birkin and the Kelly, and while it can be argued that some of the recent ‘it’ bags, for example, Saint Laurent’s Sac du Jour, owe a part of their success to these timeless models, spring 2016 has brought with it a touch of nostalgia, particularly at Versace and Prada where we can see the elusive silhouette of the ‘doctor’s bag.’

Just for fun


Handbags are like shoes: you have to have a thousand of them. And while a couple of pieces will become treasured heirlooms, ‘fun’ is the keyword for any spring/summer accessory. Pompons at Dolce & Gabbana, fringes at Marni, oversize florals at Polo Ralph Lauren, or how about Stella McCartney’s tongue-in-cheek ball-and- chain inspiration? Weavings, perforations and a crazy amount of appliqués, why not?

Swing it

 ToryBurchTory Burch

The mini bag has made a huge comeback. Paring down has never been more chic as we give up the excesses of daily life. Perhaps we are reliving the emancipation first experienced by the women who tried on the 2.55, perhaps we are fooling ourselves that we can get through the day with just a phone and one lippie, but mini bags are here to stay. From Bottega Veneta’s little Knot numbers and Burberry’s small backpacks, to Coach’s quaint florals, Emilio Pucci’s eccentric geometry and Tory Burch’s take on chinoiserie, smallshoulder bags have never looked so good.

Bold and beautiful


And what’s spring/summer without a little colour? Advanced dyeing techniques are producing chromatic effects on materials that we could never have imagined before. Whether they be Lanvin’s electric colours,stripes at Dolce & Gabbana and Prada, exotic animal patterns by Burberry, Marni’s bright primaries, Emilio Pucci’s unexpected cartoons and large mosaics, or Tory Burch’s Provençal blue and white, it’s time for you and your bag to stand out.