Dior Cruise 2010 - New Lock Bag

Dior presents a series of short films directed by Peter Lindbergh and Darius Khondji starring the young French actress Nora Arnezeder and the brand new Dior New Lock bag.

The short film series in themes “Day”, “Light”, “Avenue”, “Flash”, “Grey”, “Black/white”, “Reflection”, “Front Row” and “Night” illustrates the different styles of Dior New Lock bag each with a unique ambiance and look.

In 1947, Mr. Christian Dior revolutionized fashion and created the “New Look”. Today, Dior is paying homage to this legendary silhouette with the new Dior New Lock bag.

The Dior New Lock bag perfectly encapsulates Christian Dior’s revolutionary spirit and takes on feminine elegance. The “Bar” Jacket was a complete revelation and is the ultimate incarnation of Mr. Dior’s 1947 “New Look”. This close-fitting, waisted jacket, which skims the hips with its basque pockets, represents the “New Look” silhouette at its peak. Endlessly reinterpreted by John Galliano, the “Bar” Jacket has become part of Dior’s DNA... One could even call it the “Dior” jacket!

Crafted from supple leather that is soft to touch and adorned with a clasp opened with a closely guarded key, the Dior New Lock bag showcases feminine mystery and completes the look of any woman who confidently displays her style. Very Dior!

View the New Dior Lock Bag.

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