Fashion Victim, Moschino's CheapAndChic watch

A watch and scarf, or a watch with scarf? To be more exact, it’s a watch that uses a scarf. How? Like a strap, of course! This is why the new Moschino CheapAndChic watch is called “Fashion Victim”, as it is supplied with a scarf which it uses as a strap or, if it preferred, the scarf can be left out, and the watch used with just the leather strap.

The Fashion Victim watch is sold in very special packaging: the “Moschino CheapAndChic” kit. This is a tin, like those normally used for holding paint, which contains, together with the watch dial, scarf and leather strap, an “instructions manual” with many suggestions on how to wear it: knotted around the wrist or on the shoulder strap of a bag, hung around the neck or threaded like a belt through trouser loops. If instead the wearer prefers to use the watch with the leather strap,  the scarf can be tied around the hair, fastened to a bag, or used as a strap... without the watch.

The Moschino CheapAndChic scarf comes in several colours: red, midnight blue, powder pink, white and black. It is in silk twill with a multicoloured print featuring the classic symbols of Moschino’s iconography of superstition: horseshoe, four-leaf clover or the red Neapolitan horn charm.

The circular watch case is in gold IP or steel with a black or white dial, decorated with another classic icon, the Moschino heart. The leather strap is also available in the black and white versions.

Fashion Victim will be on sale from retailers from the end of May/June, at 99 euros with case in steel, or at 115 euros with the case in gold IP steel.

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