Levi's Autumn 2010 preview - total denim look workwear

The Autumn 2010 look for Levi's will be a Total Denim Workwear style. It comprises a new interpretation of the 201 jeans which, a century ago, were the cheap alternative offered to miners, as opposed to the more expensive 501 jeans. The 201 jeans were made with a single pocket, metal buttons, and using a lower quality denim, more accessible to a late 19th century miner.

Today, the current trend for authentic workwear style garments has brought the the "forgotten hero" look back into fashion. The new 201 jeans are unique for their clean-honed lines and the proudly solitary pocket. Of course, only top-quality denim is used today. The total look is completed by a denim jacket and a T-shirt, both with a single pocket. A contemporary style worthy of the inventor of jeans. Levi Strauss & Co., from 1873.

Info: www.levi.com