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Suit shopping in the UAE

While they might not have the tradition and heritage their London counterparts, the tailors of Dubai and Abu Dhabi certainly know how to cut a fine suit

Rocking a dapper suit is a failsafe way to sartorial victory whatever country or climate you are in, and no one ever won wearing off the peg. Why do the gents in Mad Men always look so good? They wear suits, good suits, tailored suits.

When it comes to bespoke tailoring, Savile Row springs to mind, but here in the UAE, you are in fact in one of the best places in the world to get a suit tailor-made. There is, as yet, no physical ‘Savile Row’ but Dubai in particular is brimming with quality tailors and over the last few years several new bespoke tailors have opened their doors, giving the boys in London a run for their money.

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Today’s ‘Mad Men’ are not afraid to spend on looking good, and here in the UAE, the gents are responsible for some serious pin crunching when it comes to their wardrobes. In 2014, the menswear apparel industry in the UAE was worth $6.7 billion, with suits accounting for $381 million (according to Euromonitor International). Suits are big business, and hand stitched bespoke tailoring is the way forward. 

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The suit for you
It is a tailor’s job to know what goes into crafting the perfect suit, but do make sure you know exactly what you want and get your suit cut to fit you. Getting the basics right is crucial. Leave the eccentricity and flair to the finer details and accessories. Make a statement without making one – leaving behind the Wall Street pin stripes and plaid in the 1980s. Go for simple, streamlined, slim and trim. The right fabric is crucial – for summer and UAE-friendly suits, choose lightweight cottons, seersucker and linen blends, and for winter, grey flannel, corduroy and tweed.

Get personal
Once you have the basics ‘pinned down,’ don’t be afraid to specify the finer details, such as traditional flap pockets and perhaps an additional ticket pocket for a dose of dandy flair, two or three buttons, lapel size, lining and back vents etc. You can even have your initials embroidered on the inside of your jacket; buttonholes can be coloured, top-stitching on lapels customized and the lining fabric chosen to add panache or subtlety. For a modern classic and the gent’s answer to an LBD, opt for a classic two-button single-breasted grey suit with a fairly narrow lapel. But don’t expect overnight results. Even the most clear-cut of suits can require three or four fittings over a few months (or to suit your travel schedule). But for frequent UAE jet setters, returning for fittings should not be a problem, and with end results on a par with Savile Row, it will be well worth the wait.

BespokeBespoke Tailors

The designer option
If you are a designer devotee, several of the big names offer a tailoring service at their mall boutiques. For speed and unrivalled sartorial excellence, head to Ermenegildo Zegna in the Dubai Mall. Their trademark Su Misura service offers the quintessence of bespoke tailoring ensuring luxurious and exclusive fabrics, the finest Italian tailoring and craftsmanship, and impeccable attention to detail to meet your unique desires, all delivered within three or four weeks.

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